This is probably one of the most underrated yet at the same time one of the most significant bands on the alternative music scene! And Also The Trees was, is and shall ever be one of my biggest provider of inspiration and I must thank them for it since a lot of my own work probably wouldn’t have happened without their magnificent and truly original sound. They have been around for years – in fact, since the very early 1980s, and regardless of all the ups and downs they are still going rather strong! I have seen them performing live few times and have always wished that decent video and sound recording exists somewhere on the ‘world wide web’ since, I know this for sure, there are loads of fans around the world who would like to see them and hear them live but are simply not able to get to the places where AATT usually plays. To make things even worse for them most (if not all) available online videos are of poor quality to say the least…

Well, guess what, that has literally just changed! Thanks to amazing French videographer and artist – Sébastien Faits-Divers – now we can all enjoy this amazing band performing live whenever and wherever we feel like it! Linked video was recorded live on the 28th of September 2013 in the venue ‘la cave à musique’ in Mâcon, Burgundy, France and it was produced by FD Recording so please do check their website out since it is more than obvious that these guys know very well indeed what they are doing –

For the end, many thanks Sébastien for creating this amazing video and for allowing me to share it further!